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The Westerns

Chris Scott Wilson                   Writer                                             

©2010 C.J.S.Wilson

on the film set of A Fistful Of Dollars

photo by Susan Wilson


Morgan Clay had tried his hand at almost everything. When he stumbled on a rich gold vein he thought all his troubles were over, but for him trouble was just beginning.  A Kiowa brave and two boys eager to earn their man-names cut Morgan's trail and saw the opportunity to do more than steal his horses. Shuck Alison, a two bit gunslinger and card sharp, had been drifting ever since he killed his stepfather back in the hill country. His woman, Anne Marie, was a whore with the face of an angel. Together, they worked the frontier towns, an eye on the main chance.

      But when they found Morgan Clay, they all found more than they bargained for.


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The trail of vengeance had lasted two long years, forcing Quantro to use his guns on four men. Now it was over. With no plans for the future, he decided to try his hand in Mexico. The sands of the Arizona desert were hot after the cool mountains of Colorado but things were to grow even hotter…

…On the trail behind him was the son of a man he had killed only weeks earlier and who was eager to carve a notch on his gun.

…Riding towards him from the south was a renegade Apache and a white man.

…And then there was the hungry buzzard circling above ...


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The Apaches hated and feared Jim Tanner. They called him El Cazador, The Hunter, because he always returned them to the reservation. Dead or alive. When Chato, would-be war chief who believed he had been chosen by the Great Spirit to lead his people to freedom, broke out of the San Carlos reservation, it was Jim Tanner who was sent to hunt him down.

     A cavalry column was dispatched too, under the command of Lieutenant Hardcastle, a young West Point glory hunter who saw the breakout as a chance to win quick promotion. It was at Hueco Tanks where the Apaches had held councils and watered their horses for centuries that Tanner caught up with Chato’s band of renegades ...


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Cananea was the copper city. A sprawling Mexican town of saloons and whorehouses, populated by miners who took the wealth from the grudging earth and parasites drawn by the lure of easy pickings. It was here Quantro came to earn the money to buy a ranch whose cattle would carry the Quantro brand.

     Something always killed his dream. A businessman protecting his interests, a miner like a grizzly bear who didn’t like Quantro’s face and who tried to alter it, two men trying to rape his woman, or a bunch of outlaws trying to steal the silver he was protecting.

Whichever way it happened  Quantro always found himself in the middle of the gunfire.


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On the 26th June, 1883, the westbound train of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railroad was held up in Prowers County, Colorado. The robbers were recognized as the Benson gang, led by Floyd Benson and Emmett Green, both notorious desperadoes. The railroad immediately posted a reward for their capture and called in the Pinkerton Detective Agency. But when a bible-punching bounty hunter caught and hanged one of the gang, raping and killing Floyd Benson’s girl in the process, the hunted stopped in their tracks and became the hunters.


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Click cover to read a sample, reviews and see the Video trailer

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