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Scarborough Fair
chris scott wilson




When America needed a hero…




One man had them all.

His name was John Paul Jones.

Born plain John Paul in 1747  in Scotland, he was the son of an estate gardener. At sea by the age of 13, by 21 he was master of John, trading between Scotland and the West Indies. Aiming to become a Virginia plantation owner he formed a partnership in Tobago. Fearing a kangaroo court after killing a mutineer in self defense, he fled the island, enlarging his name to John Paul Jones to escape detection, but in 1775 on the outbreak of the War of Independence he volunteered for America’s infant navy.

Off Flamborough Head, just south of Scarborough on the Yorkshire coast of England four years later, John Paul Jones became a legend.



Scarborough Fair Audio2 chris scott wilson

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What best-selling author Clive Cussler wrote to Chris after reading the book: 

 Scarborough Fair is a terrific story. You have a beautiful way with words. Of course, you English always had a better command of the language than we Colonists. The Serapis and Bonhomme Richard battle was always a great adventure tale and you did it proud.’ Clive Cussler


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If you’re going to learn, then learn from the best…


The Napoleonic Wars cost the crown dearly. As the King’s Revenue Service mercilessly squeezes every penny from taxable goods, England’s smugglers discover their backs against the wall. In North Yorkshire, the legendary Richard John finds his lifetime’s work in jeopardy, the illegal empire he’s forged besieged on every side. Struggling to hold family and his business together, pursued by Riding Officers and dragoons on land and by Revenue cutters at sea, Richard John is determined to go down fighting. Just as stubborn, young Valentine Rudd stands shoulder to shoulder with his mentor, hungry to fulfil his ambitions, and maybe, just maybe, along the way fill his pockets with golden sovereigns…


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Scarborough Fair chris scott wilson
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