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June '18 UK

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Paperback book 84 pp

Category : Non fiction

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Chris Scott Wilson


When A Flavour of Whitby was first published, the Whitby Gazette said this book was, “A special blend… a taster of Whitby’s picturesque past, whetting appetites of new visitors…”

Now it has been reissued in an expanded edition to include more topics, many new colour photographs and also a handy map of the town.

      Author of the recent successful non-fiction Backstage Pass : Redcar Jazz Club and also the smuggling novel Sunset Be Glory set in Whitby and the North Yorkshire coast, Chris explains, “ with advances in printing techniques, I realised it was possible to revisit this book and breathe fresh life into it by exchanging many of the original black and white photos with colour which of course enhances any view.”

      Chris adds, “There were also new aspects I had originally been unaware of, like the soap opera that was shot in Whitby in the 1970s, called Castle Haven which starred Kathy Staff who was later to be Nora Batty in Last Of The Summer Wine. Or the story of Whitby workhouse.”

     “History lurks in every footstep taken in the twisted streets and alleys,” Chris explains. “Explorers, painters, whalers, smugglers, all invariably tied to the sea from which they wrested their living, and all overlooked and dominated by the abbey. Whitby is without doubt unique.”

A Flavour of Whitby is available at £12.99 from Whitby Bookshop, Guisborough Bookshop, The Book Corner in Saltburn, or by post from the author’s website :




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A Flavour of Whitby Chris scott wilson
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