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Boson Books. 3905 Meadow Field Lane, Raleigh, NC 27606

Publisher Contact : David McAllister / Nancy McAllister

 (USA) 919-233-8164


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Author contact: Chris Scott Wilson


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Author Chris Scott Wilson Says Almeria A Great Inspiration


“With five westerns under my belt, it was exciting for me to visit Tabernas and the desert in Almeria where they shot the ‘Spaghetti westerns’ that made Clint Eastwood a star. Later, when I travelled to the real Old West of Arizona and Nevada, I realised what a great inspiration that trip to Mojacar and the old film sets had been,” says British author Chris Scott Wilson. “They are a very close second to the real ghost towns in the USA.”


Today Boson Books of  Raleigh, North Carolina, USA is proud to announce signing Chris Scott Wilson to an exclusive contract for six books to be distributed world-wide as e-books. “We believe his westerns to be gritty and authentic,” a spokesman for Boson Books said. “There will always be a market for entertaining, well written stories, and with the advent of e-books it is now possible to reach everyone who wants to read one wherever they are. Even without a dedicated e-book reader, they can download Amazon’s free Kindle reader for their computer. It’s simple and easy to select a book then download it in under 60 seconds.”


Wilson’s first reissue by Boson is Double Mountain Crossing. The plot? “Everybody thinks money is the answer to everything,” Chris Scott Wilson says with a half smile. “It isn’t. When Morgan Clay finds a mountain full of gold, he thinks his troubles are over. They’re not. They’re only just beginning. Indians. Card sharps. Gunslingers. Women...” Double Mountain Crossing is followed by The Fight at Hueco Tanks, The Quantro Story, The Copper City, and Desperadoes. The sixth e-book will be a maritime yarn, Scarborough Fair, originally published in the USA as a paperback and an audio book. It is a fictionalized account, based on fact, of the lead up to, and the actual sea battle when John Paul Jones became America’s first naval hero at Flamborough Head during the American War of Independence.


All five westerns by Chris Scott Wilson are available now from Amazon and other leading online retailers. To read samples go to Boson’s website  and follow Fiction>westerns, or visit Chris’ own website where you can also learn more about the author.




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