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India  February 2011

Following on from the New Zealand campaign, there were four titles reissued by the time we were able to begin promotion in India, so they were all brought together on the first Indian PR, directed at English speaking Indian newspapers.

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Boson Books. 3905 Meadow Field Lane, Raleigh, NC 27606

Publisher Contact : David McAllister / Nancy McAllister

 (USA) 919-233-8164


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Author contact: Chris Scott Wilson


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Ex-Tata Steel Worker Signs World-wide Six E-Book Deal


British author Chris Scott Wilson, an ex-Tata Steel worker at their Redcar complex in the United Kingdom has signed an exclusive contract for six of his books to be distributed world-wide as eBooks by Boson Books of  North Carolina USA. Chris became a Tata worker when Corus Steel was taken over by the giant Indian Corporation, but he has since taken early retirement to concentrate on his writing.


Probably best known in the UK for his local history books, Boson Publishers believe Chris’ no-nonsense tales of the Old West hold an authenticity which will appeal to readers world-wide. Double Mountain Crossing,  The Fight at Hueco Tanks, The Quantro Story and The Copper City are the first four titles released; to be followed by Desperadoes then the sixth E-book will be a maritime yarn, Scarborough Fair, originally published as a paperback and audio book. It is a fictionalized account, based on fact, of the lead-up to, and the actual sea battle when John Paul Jones became America’s first naval hero at Flamborough Head near Scarborough, during the War of Independence.


The author says: “I see westerns the same as any other historical fiction, and just as important. They’re about people and their reactions to situations, often perilous.”  


Chris adds, “If our parents’ generation grew up on Hollywood westerns, then my generation grew up on TV westerns. Wagon Train, Rawhide, Bronco Lane, Have Gun Will Travel and many others. We loved them. There’s something raw and exciting about a man, alone but for his Winchester and his horse, standing up to whatever that untamed country can throw at him.”


Double Mountain Crossing, The Fight at Hueco Tanks, The Quantro Story and The Copper City by Chris Scott Wilson are available now from India’s main eBook retailer Infibeam and other leading on-line retailers world wide.


Infibeam :

To read sample chapters visit  : and follow Fiction >westerns

Or visit the author’s website :



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