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Sunset Be Glory Chris Scott Wilson
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August 2016

Bob Fischer 01chris scott wilson
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August 2016

Just like to thank radio presenter Bob Fischer for an entertaining afternoon when he stepped into the breach today to interview me on John Foster's radio show because John was under the weather. We talked about music and the countryside and even a little bit about books. He's an author too, you know... but more to the point, he likes Little Feat, and Mick Jagger and of course the maestro - Jimi Hendrix. In the meantime we wish John well and hope he's soon back on the airwaves.

above left : Alan Fearnley of Rivers Invitation & The Crawdaddies,  Dennis Weller holding a shot he took of John McCoy (right) blowing harp with Long John Baldry's Hoochie Coochie Men.


centre left to right : photographers Dennis Weller & Graham Lowe, with Chris standing with John Sharpe


right: Chris with Terry Fabb from Pinner who bought the very first copy of the book when it went on sale.                all pix by Mick York

Website A Year Old

October 20th 2011


Today, this website has been on-line for exactly one year. Chris would like to thank all the newspaper and magazine editors who have given space to his endeavours, and especially the thousands of people who have visited this website, and who Chris hopes found enough of interest to encourage them to return

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October 2011


In No More Fences, published on 19th October in The Word, Canberra & Queanbeyan's community on-line magazine in Australia, Chris discussed advancements in digital technology which are makiing the world noticably smaller.

new york hockey online_logo chris scott wilson

Chris Scott Wilson                   Writer                                             

©2010 C.J.S.Wilson

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Oregon Herald 01 chris scott wilson
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                                                                                     October 2011







NEW YORK STATE Hockey On-Line ran the NO MORE FENCES statement by Chris on their website which you can find HERE

October 2011



On Saturday 8th October Chris was a guest on Nick Murray's Show At Your Leisure between 3pm - 5 pm. on Teesside's SouthSide Radio. As well as talking about his books, Chris was even asked to select  five of his favourite tunes for the programme. If you want to hear what they were, you can listen to a podcast HERE

On The Radio

Whitby Gazette Masthead02 chris scott wilson

3rd August 2011

Publication of Scarborough Fair was announced under the headline BOSON BOOK RELEASE in the on-line version of the Whitby Gazette. You can read it HERE

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Oregon Herald Masthead

December 2011


"No more fences," is a line familiar to many Texas readers, and The Gilmer Mirror ran it as a headline to a piece heralding the use of video trailers for Chris's westerns. Click HERE

December 2nd 2011

The USA's Oregon Herald on-line ran a feature on Chris. See the full piece HERE

November 25th 2011

Indiavision referred to Chris as a "Tata Western Author" because at one time he worked for Tata, the giant Indian steelmaker in the UK, informing their readers book trailers could now be accessed on YouTube.

Gilmer Mirror Texas masthead chris scott wilson

December 2011


You've heard of the song Rock Island Line? A Mighty fine road, it's the road to ride? Well Rock Island is on the border of Iowa & Illinois and is served by the River Cities Reader which ran Chris's comments this month about the internet tearing down the fences of communication. See it HERE 

River Cities Reader Mast chris scott wilson
Biting Duck press Logo 2
Boson Press Logo black white

June 2012



The Bitingduck Press have announced they are merging with Boson publishers, but hope to continue expanding and developing the Boson imprint. We wish Jay Nadeau and all the team at Bitingduck the best, without forgetting Nancy and David McAllister at CM Online who have worked so diligently establishing Boson since 1994.

Biting Duck Press logo 2
Boson Press Logo black white

November 2012




Biting Duck Press are introducing a new retailers’ “partners”  scheme. If you own a business, you can display cards showing book jackets which customers can scan either in-store or later to order ebooks from the publisher. The scan will also include the merchant’s personal code which will generate a percentage from the sale. The full press release can be read HERE which includes contacts.

December 2012


Just surfaced in the Spanish language newspaper, Chris's remarks on the market for ebooks being world-wide.

El Centro Masthead chris scott wilson





 February 2013


Biting Duck Press announces the opening of on-line bookstore section on the Biting Duck / Boson website. You can reach it by clicking HERE or use the link button below their logo on the left hand side of the home page.

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November 2014

Due to improvements in software, and the necessity of being able to access websites on the move via mobile phones and tablets etc.,  we have to migrate to a newer  format. This means we have call in the builders because the pages will get knocked about a bit in transit. We shall try and minimise the disruption but if you encounter pages that seem a bit, er, all over the place, then please come back a bit later and hopefully they'll be sorted! Thank you for your patience

Construction Trans

The builders are Coming!


January 2015

Yes, they're here... and like all builders they've got big muddy feet... and they're trampling everything underfoot. We're trying our best to put it right, so please bear with us. Techies have been contacted & recruited and have joined the slave task force all toiling to try and sort out this mess... And when we're back on our feet again, we're hoping to have some amazing news for you. Right now, shhhh, it's a secret....

Construction Trans

The builders are Here!


August 2015

For the last... well, since February last year I've been working on a book about Redcar Jazz Club, culturally a very important venue in the North east of England, whose golden years coincided with that explosively innovative golden decade of the 60s.

    While we put an astronaut on the moon who took a small step for man, but a huge step for mankind, down here we were taking a few steps of our own...  Everything in England's youth culture underwent a comprehensive overhaul as teenagers fought, screamed and danced their way out of the drab post-war years.  Clothes, music, haircuts, entertainment venues, films... and most of all, attitudes.


redcar jazz club 01


I keep getting asked what the cover's going to look like on the new book when it's published. Instead of explaining, thought I'd give you a sneak preview. So, here 'tis for your delight. If you want to know some more, then click on the TELL ME MORE button below the book cover.

Backstage Pass Redcar Jazz Club Media book cover 01 Dennis Weller Chris Scott Wilson Graham Lowe
john foster chris scott wilson  BBC Tees redcar jazz club media
Radio Tees logo redcar jazz club media

October 2015

Chris appeared on the John Foster Show on BBC TEES with collaborator and photographer Dennis Weller to discuss their new book BACKSTAGE PASS : REDCAR JAZZ CLUB which features  photographs by Dennis and Graham Lowe. Marketing manager Mick York joined them on air. Thanks John for making us welcome. You can hear it HERE


Chris pictured here with John Foster in the studio.

                                                                            Picture by Dennis Weller


Current Promotional schedule for


BOOK LAUNCH will be:

Saturday 31st October. KIRKLEATHAM MUSEUM, Redcar  - 11a.m and 3 p.m.

Followed by book signings :

Sat 14 Nov  GUISBOROUGH BOOKSHOP, Chaloner St  11 - 3 pm

Sat 21 Nov  CLOCK GALLERY, Redcar  11 - 3 pm

Sat 28 Nov  BOOK CORNER, Saltburn  11 - 2 pm

Sat 5 Dec  Preston Hall Music memorabilia Fair

redcar jazz club media linear logo blue chris scott wilson





                                                                                                                                                    October 2015


Chris, and his collaborators Dennis Weller & Graham Lowe, both photographers, were featured in a double page spread (pages 76-77) in the northern UK Cleveland & Teesside area magazine Now & Then this month. The article titled Seems Like Yesterday told the story behind their new book about the legendary Redcar Jazz Club which featured world class acts during the golden era of the 1960s.  

now & then logo redcar jazz club media chris scott wilson
redcar jazz club media Now & Then chris scott wilson dennis weller graham lowe
radio zetland logo redcar jazz club media
dennis weller mick york graham lowe chris scott wilson redcar jazz club media zetland radio

left to right : Dennis Weller, Mick York, Graham Lowe & Chris

picture by Dennis Weller


redcar jazz club media tower01s

26th October 2015


Chris, along with photographers Graham Lowe and Dennis Weller were guests on a special two hour show hosted by Simon Bolton & Nick Murray to talk about their forthcoming book Backstage Pass : Redcar Jazz Club. Along with the  chat Simon & Nick played music from the 60s and a couple of rare demo & rehearsal tracks by local bands who performed at the Jazz Club. You can hear it HERE

Kirkleatham chris scott wilson dennis weller redcar jazz club media
redcar jazz club media logo chris scott wilson
dennis weller graham lowe chris scott wilson Kirk0 redcar jazz club media


photo - Dennis Weller

Chris, Graham Lowe & Dennis Weller would like to thank all who played their part behind the scenes at the book launch on Saturday 31st October at Kirkleatham Museum. Most of all we'd like to thank those who took the trouble to come and see us and buy the book. It went better than we could have ever hoped.


Dennis                            Graham                    Chris  


                                                                                         photo - Helena Lowe

kirkleatham dennis weller graham lowe chris scott wilson john sharpe redcar jazz club media
Chris Scott Wilson Terry Fabb  Kirk02 redcar jazz club media
Alan Fearnley Dennis Weller John McCoy redcar jazz club media



redcar jazz club media book launch3 chris scott wilson

October 2015





The new book Backstage Pass : Redcar Jazz Club was featured in Middlesbrough's Gazette.  To see the article, CLICK HERE

gazette live masthead
Gazette article promo redcar jazz club media chris scott wilson
Tainted Archive Banner chris scott wilson

Crossing Hits #4 !

chris scott wilson double mountain crossing 02
Saltburn by the sea  blog1

1st August 2011


Saltburn-by-the-Sea Blogspot continued to support local author Chris, announcing Scarborough Fair's worldwide release on ebook. Read the full news item HERE

30th July 2011


As part of the Tainted Archive's Wild West  eMonday, Chris's Double Mountain Crossing was given the accolade of being #4 in the Magnificent Seven ebook choice.

cutting10 chris scott wilson
Talk of The Town Banner chris scott wilson
Talk of The Town Cover

29th July 2011


Saltburn-by-the-Sea's monthly magazine again gave generous coverage to Chris's latest release, Scarborough Fair. The on-line version of the magazine can be accessed via the same link as the Saltburn Blogspot. Click HERE

Historic Naval Fiction Header chris scott wilson
redcar jazz club media radio tease chris scott wilson

You can now hear Chris with Graham, Dennis & Mick York, the RJC Media Marketing Manager on the radio. BBC Tees & Zetland FM have given permission for RJC Media to use permanent links to their shows. You can find them by CLICKING HERE

Guisborough Bookshop redcar jazz club media chris scott wilson
redcar jazz club media pen 01 chris scott wilson
chris scott wilson malcolm 'buck' buckton 03Cs redcar jazz club media

Thanks to the staff of Guisborough Bookshop for their hospitality during our book signing.

Chris, pictured left with Malcolm 'Buck' Buckton, bass player of Government, who helped with the research and called in to buy a couple of copies !

Redcar Jazz Club Talk of Town front chris scott wilson
Redcar Jazz Club Talk of Town Promo chris scott wilson

If the reproduction here is poor on your chosen device, you can CLICK HERE then go to page 34 to read the article.

chris scott wilson ged hickey dennis weller graham lowe redcar jazz club media clock gallery
Clock gallery mast White

November 2015  : Odd Man Out : left to right - Writer Chris and the men in red, both photographers, Dennis Weller & Graham Lowe, signing books at the Clock Gallery, High Street, Redcar on Saturday 21st October, watched over by yet another photographer, award-winning landscape specialist Ged Hickey.

Clock gallery mast Black
Book corner Saltburn chris scott wilson redcar jazz club media

28th November 2015

Chris, Dennis and Graham attended a book signing at the Book Corner in Station Square in Saltburn today. They 'd like to thank Jenna & Mick for organising it all, with an extra thank you to Mick (for doing the coffee & mince pie run at just the right moment). Nice to meet all those who came to see us, and if you couldn't make it, then Backstage Pass : Redcar Jazz Club is available from the website

redcar jazz club media bookmark chris scott wilson
sound it out records display redcar jazz club media
sound it out logo invert

November 2015





15A Yarm St., Stockton-on-Tees TS18 3DR

01642 860068

redcar jazz club media Marketing update yellow chris scott wilson
waterstones m'boro 04



worthy pearson gt ayton


                        GREAT AYTON

whitby bookshop 04c
chris scott wilson redcar jazz club media
redcar jazz club media
redcar jazz club media Marketing update blue chris scott wilson

5th December 2015








Chris, along with jazz and R&B photographer Dennis Weller & rock photographer Graham Lowe, his collaborators on Backstage Pass : Redcar Jazz Club, were at the "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll Music Fair" at Preston Hall Museum on Saturday 5th December to sign copies of their book. As well as enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the museum itself, they would like to thank Nick Mawson for making them welcome, Cooler King for the music, Mr Jagger, Mr Richards & cohorts for the excellent video & also everyone who came to meet them and chat.

Preston Hall music fair03
chris scott wilson redcar jazz club media
redcar jazz club media
Preston Hall Music Fair
redcar jazz club media
chris scott wilson



chris scott wilson  denny chatto kev hunt 01redcar jazz club media

5th December 2015

Musos reunited? More like skin-bashers reunited. Three drummers in one room and that's without including the house drummer of Cooler King who were providing the music for the book signing at the "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll Music Fair" at Preston Hall. left to right : Denny Chatto who started in the Fireflies  and was later the singer in Candy Factory when Chris was the drummer, and Kev Hunt of Rufus Buck. photo by Mick York.


Chris would also like to thank Barry Jones for his surprise gift - his book Stars Fell On Stockton. Probably between them, the three drummers above played most of the venues featured in Barry's book, and remember them fondly.

redcar jazz club media tower01s

December 2015

Simon Bolton has invited Chris to be a guest on his Zetland FM Radio show on Tuesday 15th December at 6 p.m. As well as chatting about the new Redcar Jazz Club book, Chris will be talking about his other books and of course there''ll be music. Listen in if you can. You'll be welcome.

chris scott wilson simon bolton Zetland FM redcar jazz club media
radio zetland logo chris scott wilson redcar jazz club media


Redcar Jazz Club media Marketing update blue chris scott wilson
drakes bookshop 02 crop redcar jazz club media chris scott wilson




Coastal View Dec 2015 crop
Redcar Jazz Club media Chris Scott Wilson
chris scott wilson graham lowe exhibition 03

February 2016

From  10th February - 10th April Kirkleatham Hall Museum is hosting an exhibition of  landscape & rock images by Graham Lowe, one of the photographic collaborators on Backstage Pass : Redcar Jazz Club. It is well worth a visit. Above: Chris pictured in the exhibition gallery.

                                                                                                                           photo by Susan Wilson 

chris scott wilson dennis weller redcar jazz club media
northern echo masthead

20th February 2016

Deputy Editor Chris Lloyd ran a double page feature in the print edition of the newspaper on Backstage Pass : Redcar Jazz Club with a selction of photos culled from the book as well as publishing the piece on their website.  You can find it HERE:



chris scott wilson francis fitzgerald redcar hub palace arts centre
Francis Fitzgerald Exhibition


May 2016               Palace Arts Centre (The Hub) on Redcar seafront is featuring an exhibition by Saltburn photographer Francis Fitzgerald documenting local social events. As well as a host of images in black & white, see them reproduced in colour in a very special book. You've never seen a book with a rusty steel cover? You will have if you visit this exhibition.

Above: Chris pictured with Francis on the opening day of the show. picture by Susan Wilson 

chris scott wilson anth clements  02s

June 2016

Chris was reunited this week with singer Anth (Tony) Clements with whom he shared many stages back in the day when they were both in local bands The Wheel and Pretty Like Me. Anth had previously been in The Steve Brown Soul Sect, and while neither can remember the first gig they did togther in The Wheel,  Anth recalled their first gig after he came back to the fold was at The Cat's Whiskers in York. When Chris gave up playing the drums and turned to writing books, Anth continued to sing, his last band Juke Blues, based in Reading before he moved back north.


chris scott wilson sunset be glory coming soon

July 2016

sunset Facebook title 03


31st JULY 2016


Book Corner, Station Square, Saltburn By The Sea

Waterstone's, Captain Cook Square, Middlesbrough

Whitby Bookshop, Church St, Whitby

Guisborough Bookshop, Chaloner St, Guisborough

Clock Gallery, High St, Redcar

Kirkleatham Museum, Redcar,

Worthy Pearson, Gt Ayton

Drake's Books, High St., Stockton

(other stockists to be announced)


Online, you can order from this website - see BOOK SHOP DIRECT

in the menu on the left, or from Amazon

chris scott wilson radio zetland tower

FRIDAY  29th July 2016


Today 6pm - 7pm

Radio Zetland 105 FM


Simon Bolton's show...


Chris will talking about his new

book - Sunset Be Glory - a tale of

smugglers on the North Yorkshire


radio_zetland logo
radio zetland logo chris scott wilson
Zetland Redcar 01
chris scott wilson simon bolton 290716

29th July 2016


Chris with radio presenter Simon Bolton shortly before going on air, and the view out of the window of the vertical pier that houses Radio Zetland FM. It's starting to feel like home...

You can listen to the show HERE

chris scott wilson sunset be glory
chris scott wilson sunset be glory
chris scott wilson sunset be glory
Talk of the town saltburn chris scott wilson
news in brisbane masthead chris scott wilson.gif

21st July 2011

David Hayes of Astrodene's Historic Naval Fiction conducted a comprehensive interview with Chris, which can be read  HERE

cutting06 chris scott wilson
villager doncaster masthead chris scott wilson

The Voice of Doncaster

July 2011



Yorkshire Author Spins Salty Yarn of Fighting Ships proclaimed Doncaster's the Villager website to welcome Boson Books' publication of Scarborough Fair in ebook format.

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