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Whitby lower harbour after the drawbridge was rebuilt on stone piers in 1776, but before St Ann's Staithe was constructed which would result in partial demolition of the buildings on the right. Walker's house would be behind some of the buildings on the left.

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harbour below Esk Terrace was Fishburn’s shipyard, where unbeknown to young James Cook the ship would be built he would command on his first voyage of exploration after he had become a naval officer. At night in Grape Lane by candlelight he studied navigation and nautical law in the attic before retiring to sleep in a hammock. Aware his future career at sea depended on study if he was not to remain a common seaman, he also took in algebra. His perseverance with such obviously difficult subjects shows his strength of character even at an early age.

     After the 450 ton Freelove, he served on the new Three Brothers during a spell when she was commandeered to carry troops from Holland to Dublin in Ireland. Later he experienced the Baltic trade route on Mary, then on a ‘Stockton Ship’ before returning to work for the Walkers again, sailing on the Whitby collier Friendship for three years.

    The North Sea is a hard taskmaster. Bearing in mind his future as an explorer and chart maker, Cook’s  apprenticeship  was  probably   the   best   he  could  have