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Nelson, among whose captains at that great battle was another son of Whitby, Robert Moorsom,  command-ing Revenge, a ship of the line. But while His Britannic Majesty’s Navy was busy stamping its authority over the oceans of the world, the fleets becoming the envied  ‘wooden walls of England’, although James Cook had served his country in war, instead he was to earn his reputation by the pen rather than the sword, expanding the knowledge of mankind.

    James Cook was a man of inner strength, independ-ent, determined to attain his goals. The passing of time has made a sure grip on his personality elusive, but its very nature was such that it bound his crews to him like loyal friends. Little of his character is revealed by portraits, only an impression of a solid, staid man. But who could not be so after carrying responsibility for the well being of every member of his ships’ companies thousands of miles from home in uncharted oceans? Another reason perhaps, is that he disciplined himself early in life, applying his mind to learn and understand everything that could be of use to him. He had nobody of senior rank on his voyages of exploration of whom

Below : The award winning Captain Cook Birthplace Museum which opened in 1978 in Stewart Park, , Marton-in-Cleveland, pictured in the 1980s. It has since undergone a facelift. Before the construction of the museum, a small collection of artifacts was displayed in the park lodge sited at the entrance on the Marton Bungalow crossroads.