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Born by the River Tees in Yorkshire, England, Chris Scott Wilson was educated at Barnard Castle School and West Middlesbrough College Of Further Education. He has worked in the hotel trade, a newspaper office, accountancy, non-destructive testing, the music business, and also in physical testing for Testing Solutions at British Steel, later Corus, on the Redcar complex. With interests ranging across both fiction and non-fiction, he is the author of ten published books, has contributed to newspapers and magazines, written promotional material for international and local musicians and local businesses. He has also edited a book by local writers. He lives with his wife, Susan, on the Yorkshire coast where they spend as much time as possible on their boat.

Below, only a short bio, but then I don't want to bore you. If, in the event you want to read more, I shall write a more thorough one when the opportunity arises, and add some photos.

    Because I know you like free stuff, look at the Archive Articles page. I've been posting local history pieces, some previously printed in local papers or magazines, or on the web, and some unpublished. If you're interested in iron & steel, or shipwrecks or storms, then you might find something to catch your eye. I've also inserted the start of an article about Redcar Jazz Club and where you can read the rest, on the Cream supergroup website Those Were The Days.

    I am also expanding and serialising Captain Cook, Man of The Sea. Check that page each month. Also posted are free samples of all the westerns, and Scarborough Fair. Just click the book covers.


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