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This book was originally published in 1989, but as webpage layout is of necessity a different format, what you will see here is not the same as the original. One downside of the passage of time is I was unable to locate some of the first edition photos, but the upside is the new format has allowed me to include pictures originally discarded because of space restrictions. Also, contemporary images used at the time were taken the year of publication and reproduced in black and white due to printing costs. New photos in colour have been included, taken some 21 years later, during 2010~2011.


Top is the original motif designed by Eddie Guy of Saltburn's Signart, reversed to black on white to become the main title page which also includes the Seaside Books logo, which was later redesigned.

Above right is the test shot I took when I was considering cover ideas, but the image used on the jacket's final design was taken by Russell Lett.

Left: a newer colour shot taken January 2012

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